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MacroCognition LLC

3601 Connecticut Ave NW, #110,
Washington, DC 20008

MacroCognition LLC

MacroCognition LLC is a research and consulting firm, working for commercial and governmental clients. MacroCognition was founded by Helen Altman Klein, Ph.D. in 2006. Gary Klein, Ph.D. joined in 2009. While initially a mom-and-pop company, MacroCognition has evolved into a larger effort to take on applied cognition tasks in domains including multinational organizations, health care, and training. Our sponsors include Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), as well as other private and non-profit organizations.

MacroCognition's strengths include Cognitive Task Analysis, cross-cultural expertise, cognitive models (decision making, sensemaking, planning and insight), and cognitive training (ShadowBox Method).

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